Greg was employed as an ordained pastor in the role of Pastor of Care at Locust Grove Mennonite Church, Belleville, PA where he has served from December of 2000 to June of 2009. Prior to implementing small group ministry, men’s ministry, and children’s ministry in the Pastor of Care ministry position at Locust Grove, Greg developed the Youth Ministry programs at the church with a clear emphasis on service to others. Greg also served as the boys’ soccer coach at the Lewistown Area High School.

Prior to his time in Central PA, Greg served at the Fairplay Boys Camp in Westminster, SC for eight years. Roles during his time there included group counselor, group work supervisor, educational coordinator, and program director. Greg graduated with a B.S. in Physical Education with teaching certifications in Emotionally Handicapped and Mentally Handicapped in 1990 from Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisionburg, VA. In 1995, Greg graduated with a Masters of Education from Elmira College, Elmira, New York. Greg, along with his wife Sharon and their 
two daughters, moved to Gator Wilderness Camp School in June of 2009. Sharon voluntarily serves at Gator Wilderness Camp as the nurse and medication coordinator. 
Cory Carvalho, Program Director
Greg Kanagy, Director
Executive Board Members
Cory is originally from Lewistown, Pennsylvania. He attended Pennsylvania State University in 2005 and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2010. Later that year, he moved to Southwest Florida and worked as a counselor at Gator Wilderness Camp School. Cory then returned to Pennsylvania and promptly married. He spent the next year working as a group leader at a residential treatment facility for children with autism and brain damage. Following God’s calling, Cory arrived again at Gator Wilderness Camp School in June of 2012. He and his wife, Heidi, along with their two children, feel blessed to have the opportunity to help boys and their families 
in Southwest Florida.

Michael Pope, President
Ben Yoder, Vice President
Bill Medred, Secretary
Eric Troyer, Treasurer
Vernon Sommers
Kevin Miller
Morris Miller
Ray Quiles
Sam Detwiler
Corporate Board Members
Dennis Sharp, President
Glen Byler, Treasurer
Ben Smoker, Secretary
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Information Updated: 01/01/2016
Heidi Carvalho, Title I Reading Tutor
Heidi serves at Gator Wilderness Camp School as the Charlotte County Title I tutor for the 
reading program. Heidi is certified through the State of Florida Department of Education in Elementary Education (grades K-6) and is also a certified Exceptional Student Educator (grades K-12).