Education at camp is “life wide." Campers are expected to complete all learning activities and scheduled assignments. The residential and experiential aspects of the camp program allow campers the flexibility of learning, natural science, local and state history, reading, composition, mathematics, health, physical education, environmental science, and home economics. Most of these subjects are taught 
in block units allowing the group to invest a great deal of time and energy on specific content area. Whether on our campus or beyond searching for fossils on the Peace River, canoeing the Suwannee River, or sea kayaking the Everglades, our staff and teachers are
always looking to challenge our students to reach their full potential.
For more information about the McKay and 
Step Up for Students Scholarships, click on the 
links or call our office to learn more 941.639.7722
Gator Wilderness Camp School is recognized as a private school by the Charlotte County School District and is part of the Title I 
Tutoring Program for reading. Campers who qualify for Title I services receive one-on-one reading tutoring once a week.

Campers also receive one-on-one tutoring with a math teacher once a week, who specifically designs a personalized curriculum for each student based upon their current abilities.

Gator Wilderness Camp School is both a McKay and Step Up For Students Scholarship school. The McKay scholarship provides academic funding for students with special needs in Florida, while the Step Up For Students program provides academic funding for low-income Florida families. Both of these scholarships enable Florida families to utilize the best educational option for their children. Gator Wilderness Camp School meets the rigorous academic, ethical, and professional requirements for both of these programs, and is able to accept either of these scholarships as tuition payment. 
Reporting Misconduct & Abuse
Senate Bill 7078 in accordance with the Florida Department of Education

Liability Protection